package tranquilizer

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Type Members

  1. class BufferFullException extends Exception

    Exception indicating that the outgoing buffer was full.

  2. class MessageDroppedException extends Exception with NoStacktrace

    Exception indicating that a message was dropped "on purpose" by the beam.

  3. class SimpleTranquilizerAdapter[MessageType] extends Logging

    Wrap a Tranquilizer, exposing an API that is meant to be easy to use for a single caller that doesn't care exactly what happens with individual messages, but does care about having exceptions and counts reported eventually.

  4. class Tranquilizer[MessageType] extends Service[MessageType, Unit] with Logging

    Tranquilizers allow you to provide single messages and get a future for each message reporting success or failure.

Value Members

  1. object MessageDroppedException extends Serializable

  2. object SimpleTranquilizerAdapter

  3. object Tranquilizer