package finagle

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Type Members

  1. class BeamService[A] extends Service[Seq[A], Int]

    Bridges Beams with Finagle Services.

  2. class DruidTaskResolver extends Resolver with Logging

  3. class FinagleRegistry extends Logging

    Registry of shared Finagle services.

  4. case class FinagleRegistryConfig(finagleHttpTimeout: org.scala_tools.time.Imports.Period = ..., finagleHttpConnectionsPerHost: Int = 2, finagleEnableFailFast: Boolean = false) extends Product with Serializable

  5. class SharedService[A, B] extends Service[A, B]

    Reference-counting Service.

  6. type TwitterDuration = Duration

Value Members

  1. object DruidTaskResolver

  2. lazy val FinagleLogger: Logger

  3. object FinagleRegistryConfig extends Serializable

  4. object FutureRetry extends Logging

  5. def HttpGet(path: String): Request

  6. def HttpPost(path: String): Request

  7. val TwitterDuration: Duration.type

  8. implicit def jodaDurationToTwitterDuration(duration: Duration): TwitterDuration

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