package beam

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Type Members

  1. trait Beam[MessageType] extends AnyRef

    Beams accept messages and forward them along.

  2. trait BeamMaker[A, BeamType <: Beam[A]] extends AnyRef

    Makes beams for particular intervals and partition numbers.

  3. trait BeamPacketizerListener[A] extends AnyRef

  4. class ClusteredBeam[EventType, InnerBeamType <: Beam[EventType]] extends Beam[EventType] with Logging

    Beam composed of a stack of smaller beams.

  5. case class ClusteredBeamMeta(latestCloseTime: DateTime, beamDictss: Map[Long, Seq[Dict]]) extends Product with Serializable

    Metadata stored in ZooKeeper for a ClusteredBeam.

  6. case class ClusteredBeamTuning(segmentGranularity: Granularity = com.metamx.common.Granularity.HOUR, warmingPeriod: Period = new org.joda.time.Period(0), windowPeriod: Period = new org.joda.time.Period("PT10M"), partitions: Int = 1, replicants: Int = 1, minSegmentsPerBeam: Int = 1, maxSegmentsPerBeam: Int = 1) extends Logging with Product with Serializable

  7. class DefunctBeamException extends Exception

  8. class HashPartitionBeam[A] extends MergingPartitioningBeam[A]

  9. class HttpBeam[A] extends Beam[A] with Logging

    Emits messages over http.

  10. class MemoryBeam[A] extends Beam[A]

  11. class MergingPartitioningBeam[A] extends Beam[A] with Logging

    Partitions messages based on the output of a Partitioner, and propagates the partitioned messages via the appropriate underlying beams.

  12. class MessageHolder[A] extends Equals

  13. class NoopBeam[A] extends Beam[A]

  14. class RoundRobinBeam[A] extends Beam[A] with Logging

    Farms out events to various beams, round-robin.

  15. sealed abstract class SendResult extends Equals

  16. class TransformingBeam[A, B] extends Beam[A]

  17. class BeamPacketizer[A] extends Logging

    Wraps a Beam and exposes a single-message API rather than the future-batch-based API.

Value Members

  1. object ClusteredBeamMeta extends Serializable

  2. object ClusteredBeamTuning extends Serializable

  3. object HttpBeam

  4. object MemoryBeam

  5. object MessageHolder

  6. object SendResult